The brand

As the wine flows, stories grow.

Our story

If you really want to know Gazela, wind your way to a time and place where you were at your happiest...but this time, we'll be the ones telling the story.

The king in this tale will be Sogrape, your hero Gazela. Fearless, but fun, Gazela has already conquered 50 countries across 5 continents, and acts as a national symbol in every one of them. It is a wine that transcends borders and boundaries, which is served at every meal - a wine with indubitable spirit that dances in a glass of white: a bon vivant, who is always light and fresh.

Rather than a destination, Gazela is a companion on the journey: the wind in your sails, the stars in the night sky, the twinkling...let's calm down, Gazela can't always have the last word. But what it does, it does very well – pairing our present with what lies ahead: the frission before a sparkling future.


Gazela was the first Vinho Verde brand to be produced and sold by Sogrape.The new image and repositioning of Gazela, in 2004, earned the brand 10 awards at the Annual Advertising Competition, organised by the Comissão de Viticultura da Região dos Vinhos Verdes (CVRVV). Gazela is sold in more than 50 countries, across 5 continents. Since 2004, Gazela has been the largest advertising investor in the wine category in Portugal and it is by far the largest advertiser in the Vinho Verde segment. Gazela label is printed on both sides and can be read even from the back of the bottle.In 2005, the effectiveness and return on Gazela’s advertising was recognised with the ‘Advertising Effectiveness’ prize awarded by the Portuguese advertising association APAN.

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